Made by nature for nature

Your produce deserves naturetag®, your customers deserve naturetag®

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious, often making purchasing decisions based on sustainability and reduced ecological impact. This attitude is driving packaging change and legislative implementation.

France has already banned plastic labelling for fruits and vegetables.

This legislative move by France could serve as a model for other countries, demonstrating that proactive measures can effectively reduce plastic waste. It also highlights the importance of innovation in developing sustainable solutions that do not compromise on functionality or consumer convenience. As countries and companies adopt eco-friendly practices, we hope for a major cut in plastic pollution.

Naturally sustainable, the naturetag® label is certified as home compostable and biodegradable, meaning it can be left on the skin of produce when discarded and the entire label will biodegrade at the same rate as the produce skin to leave no harmful toxins in the environment or soil.

The paper-based product presents global produce suppliers and retailers with a high quality, food-safe, and plastic-free alternative that is more cost effective than competitive labels currently available. It will appeal particularly to small-to-medium-sized grower-suppliers who apply produce labels by hand.

naturetag® has been formulated to perform on any fruit or vegetable skin with excellent adhesion and leaving no residue on removal. The eco-label is compatible with all labelling systems used globally for the automated, high-speed application of branding and PLU labels. It can be printed in any size, shape, or colour, and in the form of a sticker or tape wrap for bananas.

Save money and our planet, what could be better?